Tokyo Skydiving Club

I am a Skydiver.
10 years ago I don’t think that was a remote possibility in my mind.

It’s hard to say when it all really began; My affinity for the sky and flying objects goes back as far as I can remember. The idea of skydiving has always been appealing to me, but it was something done by other people someplace far away.

One day during my university years my father passed away suddenly. It wasn’t that I strongly felt that life is too short, but it did motivate me to create a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in my life.
On that list was to go skydiving once.

After some research I came across a website for some tandem skydiving operations in Japan. I recall thinking that this placed called Tokyo Skydiving Club was not even in Tokyo. Nevertheless I was determined to jump out of a plane.

Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was just logical, but next to the button for reservations was a button for “school.”
That small discovery might have been the  ‘ah ha!’ moment when calling myself a skydiver became a tangible reality.

Here I am today.
A skydiver from the Tokyo Skydiving Club.

(featured image is from the TSC website)


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