Back to School (AFF)

I am in the study room of the dormitory I squatted for most of my university career, writing one of the last papers I’d ever turn in for a grade. The paper is for a philosophy course regarding Kant’s “Perpetual Peace” in Japanese with a total of 7 students. Producing dialogue in a class of high abstractions was a challenge enough; never mind writing  a term paper. That’s when I turn over to my friend typing away for another class and declared that once I graduate, I will never go back to school.

Accelerate forward through time one-year.

The time is 5:30AM on a Saturday. Damp and slightly rainy. Groggy.
I am on the train with the folks that didn’t quite catch the last train home Friday night . Difference between me and them is I’m not headed home. No, I’m heading to school.

Okay, so maybe skydiving school isn’t the same as grad school or whatever. But I am waking up on my day off, getting on a train for 2 hours, just so I can start Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and be on my way to skydiving.

I’m inside the club house going through the textbook; 90% of which is what can go wrong and how to deal with each emergency situation. I look up at the clock and already, several hours have passed. I just survived my first day back at school. And it wasn’t so bad after all.

AFF has 7 levels.
Levels 1~3 have you fly with two instructors.
Levels 4~7 you jump with one.
From jump number 8 you can finally fly free.


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