Some wind (16.01.24)

I wasn’t too sure with the weather forecast from the night before, which called for snow during the night, if I really wanted to head out to the DZ.

I packed my gear and set my alarm regardless.


The roads were clear with no indication of moisture on the ground.
That’s all I needed: I was out of the door within 7 minutes.


The sky was blue and beautiful, and not so cold for winter.
I managed to get my name on the list in time to make the first load and pair up with another free-flyer. Got on the plane.


5 minutes to go-time. The wind speeds were called in: 15knots. 270 degrees.
I should really get some weights since I separated from my partner too easily.
We tracked away and deployed our mains with no trouble and proceeded to glide down to the landing area. The spot was pretty good and I opened relatively near the DZ with plenty of altitude and tail wind to get me back.


Plenty. Of. Tail. Wind.


My lack of experience made me complacent to be where I was.
A bit too eager to see the ground I spiraled down to find my body had been pushed by the wind further south than anticipated. The had wind picked up to 28 knots.
Crab crawled over to the landing area. With barely no forward motion, I got beat up and down by turbulence and thrown around like a rag-doll.
From 20-30 feet up my canopy caved enough to cause me to drop at an angle.


Luckily I was able to prepare my Parachute Landing Fall (PLF) and roll to the right.
Lesson: When the winds are strong like the winter season in Japan, expect the conditions to shift. Know your canopy and your wing-loading.
I could have avoided staining my jumpsuit had I not taken lightly of the winds.
Another day. Another dive. Lesson learned.

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