Skydive University in DeLand (FL)

Over the course of about a week, I’ve been translating an Instructor Examiner Rating Coruse (IERC) for 5 Tokyo Skydiving Club staff members in DeLand Florida.

The IERC is a necessary course for all candidates of the Instructor Examiner rating, which is basically a teacher for teachers in skydiving. Examiners have the ability to create more instructors: A rating we do not have at the Tokyo Skydiving Club.

Course director Rob Laidlaw was kind enough to make a few adjustments in his schedule to accommodate team Japan. What is ordinarily a 3-day program was stretched out to a week to include a customized goal-setting and action plan geared for AFFIE and Coach IE ratings.

As exciting as Skydive University sounds, it’s no walk in the park. The first few days were a grueling battle against jet-lag and homework and 3AM study sessions.
(I am not even taking the course, but since everyone is up late, so am I).

Once we started to jump, I began to realize how comprehensive the research and development of this program by Skydive University actually was: Pretty much what was said in the classroom was EXACTLY what we saw in the air with each of our jumpers.

Perhaps I speak for myself when I say that we could spend 200 jumps one after another and not improve the way we did without the help of Rob Laidlaw and Skydive University. For those who are really looking for a way to overcome a wall in skydiving technique, Skydive University in DeLand Florida is the place to be.

My only regret is that I didn’t take off more days off work to make a longer trip out of this.
I’m looking forward to the next time I get to jump out into the warmer Florida skies.


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