Golden Week: AFF instructors

Accelerated Free Fall(AFF) is one of the most widespread way to teach skydiving. Most skydivers probably have good memories/stories to tell about their first jump experiences. None of that would be possible without the instructors to teach them.

How does one become an AFF instructor(AFFI)?
At the Tokyo Skydiving Club, we don’t have a system available to make AFF instructors, which is why we went all the way to DeLand to seek the help of Skydive University’s Rob Laidlaw to help us on our way to make the examiners. It’s still a long way away before we can reach that goal, yet in the meantime we still have a demand for new AFF instructors.

Golden week in Japan is a week usually in May with consecutive national holidays. We decided to use this extended break to invite Rob Laidlaw to TSC to run our AFF instructor course for two candidates, while simultaneously running a follow up program for the examiner rating course we started pursuing in February.

I got to be the fly on the wall the second time, only this time I knew what to expect and the material was more skydiving related.

Watching the lecture, to free fall exercise, and debrief was fascinating. The quality of coaching and attention to detail improved the skill and confidence of the candidates tremendously in a short period of time.

By the end of the golden week, Tokyo Skydiving Club welcomed 2 new instructors. To celebrate, we did a 6-way group jump, my first time jumping with them. I was a bit nervous since they all had instructor ratings and I’ve only been jumping for so long. It worked out pretty nicely.

Graduation Jump:



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