200 jumps. And many more.

It’s blazing hot under the sun and as humid as a sauna in Japan right now. It’s days like these I wish we had a facility to pack our chutes under some A/C.

Spending the day on the ground is exhausting and I drank several liters of sports drink. Ridiculous if you think about it: It’s not like we’re actually exercising, it’s gravity!

The highlight this week was the 200th jump done by 2 of my friends. It’s been a while sine I did some ‘proper’ belly flying, but it’s good to attempt some kind of formation every now and again.

Although it was fun and games for us,  we saw 2 cutaways and a canopy collision all that day. The more we jump, the less we think about how the smallest precautions can make all the difference between a great day and a disastrous one. Thankfully everyone was fine! We even ended the day with a celebratory pie in the face.



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