Size Down. 16.07.24

After about 2 months of waiting, finally my friend swapped her main canopy for a newer model and I was able to snatch her older one.

I down-sized from a 150 square-foot Sabre I to a 135 square-foot canopy of the same model made by PD. Since my rig was undergoing a transplant, I figured I might as well use this chance to ditch the metallic links with the soft-links that everyone is so keen on these days.

The operation itself is quite simple, but it’s so easy to make a mistake. At first I crossed the front and rear risers after nearly forgetting to pass the control lines through the slider. Once everything was sorted I double-checked the order of the lines one at a time and got cleared for take-off.

After a fairly unmemorable jump, I pulled my pilot chute at 3,500ft. The moment of truth was a sweet soft opening. A few control checks on my way to the holding area and the rest was smooth sailing down to the landing area.

I remember when I first tried a 150sq-ft canopy after using a 170, the response was quicker and the controls were lighter. This time, the feeling was even better.
I’ll miss flying my 150, but I think I’ll get along just fine with my new toy!



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