AFFI & USPA Coach Rating @TSC

At the end of September we invited Rob Laidlaw of Skydive University of DeLand Florida to Japan again to help run the AFF Instructor course, while overseeing part of the AFF Instructor Examiner training program, then a USPA coach course immediately afterwards.That took a total of about 9 days, most of which was rainy. Despite the not-so-ideal conditions, ALL of the candidates for the AFFI course got their ratings and 4/8 of the coach candidates completed all of the necessary requirements.

The AFFI course was off to a rocky start, with a few shaky jumps on the first day outside. The last possible jump day of the course was perfect weather and all of the candidates pulled it together and managed to improve across the board, and even show off the best performances I’ve seen.

Without a break, we jumped into the coach course full steam. The course content for coaches is much more based in theory which is a challenge to translate. I barely grasped the stuff in English, thankfully the candidates were patient and we eventually got through it. There are some coaches that need to work on a few more items before getting the rating, but everyone agrees the content was good to learn.

I’m glad I was able to help out again. My brain turned to mush by the end of it all, but it’s all good.

I assume the next rating course at Tokyo Skydiving Club will be in May.


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