Just point the way.

Ideally, you want people to judge the winds for themselves and land into the wind while looking out for traffic. The Tokyo Skydiving Club has such a very narrow landing area, that we have some local rules to keep everyone safe.

1.You must land in either a north or south direction.
2.And you must follow the leader (first person down)

When the winds are not so strong, sometimes it’s hard to judge the correct wind direction as the wind sock may swing from one side to the next. When in doubt we tend to land facing south as there are fewer obstacles on that side.

For lesser experienced canopy pilots, it easy to get confused. A confused pilot is a recipe for danger, and we’ve had a few close calls that could have been easily avoided had the respective skydivers been more aware of their surroundings instead of the landing area.

Someone took it upon themselves to make an arrow indicating landing direction. Problem was not everyone was made aware of it and the number of cross-wind landing was unbelievable.

Lesson: Having good rules can be beneficial, but only if those rules are communicated effectively, and everyone is on board.

Thankfully no one was hurt and we can all go skydiving again soon!

Blue skies!



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