Coach Evaluation Jump

Coach Rating Acquired 2016.11.20

For a better part of a year, I’ve been ‘Pro’crastinating.
That is to say effectively putting off doing my evaluation jump for my coach rating.

Finally, one of the main instructors at the Tokyo Skydiving Club tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey! why don’t we get that coach-jump thing taken care of?”

I did not really have a choice in the matter, not that I had any qualms. But being mentally unprepared for an evaluation was a challenge, given that the load I was going up on was within the hour. It wasn’t exactly stress free but once I accepted that this was happening, we went through the motions starting from the gear check and the mock run through at 1.5x speed rather smoothly.

Before I knew it, I was on the plane and it was almost go-time. When it’s time to fly, all that pressure no longer exists, just you and the sky.

Set up. OK.
Count. Prop-up-down. Fly-away
Dock. Check altimeter. OK.
Down and back. OK. Dock
Check altimeter. OK.
Up and back. OK. Dock. Repeat.

Check altimeter…. Check altimeter…
Uh oh… Loss of altitude awareness…
Jump’s over! Wave off. Good bye!

Pack. Debrief. Deep Breath.

The first time the evaluator acted like he lost altitude awareness I was made told before hand how to deal with the situation. That time in DeLand over 100 jumps ago, I was not able to get away so smoothly.

This time, I was not flustered and showed some dynamic flying I can be proud of.
Now I can call myself a coach.

Next step, C-license!





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