Thai Suit

New Year. New Suit.

After a small hiccup with the propeller at the end of last year, we are back in business!

It’s a brisk -15 Celsius at 12,500ft, but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about falling out of the sky.

Now that I have the USPA coach rating, I’m looking forward to doing more coach-related jumps. Although there is no real system for us at the Tokyo Skydiving Club for coaches to do coach work as of yet, we do have some ideas as to how to get that off the ground.

In preparation, I’ve ordered a cheap suit made in Thailand to add to my collection.
This one is for RW (relative work) and has grips around the arms and legs for formation skydiving and booties for greater control of leg inputs.

The quality of suit is not very high.
Can’t complain for a suit that cost a small fraction of my freefly one.
Let’s see what lies ahead for the rest of 2017.



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