Between Jumps

Lazy Sunday (17.01.22)

Last week was waay too cold, but yesterday couldn’t have been better. Well, the winds could have been a little nicer…

Who am I to complain? I’m just happy to jump.
The temperature at altitude was bearable negative 20℃, the winds were coming in from all directions, making it a bit difficult to land in a North-South landing area.
One jumper who recently got their A-license made a poor decision to do a small spiral at 1000ft. Maneuvers after 2000ft are not recommended as you should really be focused on your landing pattern and traffic. So this jumper ended up going low and entered the base leg of their pattern late and barely made it back to the landing area, managing to slide their body under the fence while their canopy went over it.

Luckily there were no injuries other than the minor pains associated with a normal slide-landing. We should always review our flying skills for all kinds of conditions. The first thing you should know is your pattern, and how to make the appropriate adjustments from there.

Next week is the last day of jumping before the Tokyo Skydiving Club is closed for the annual air-worthiness inspection of the plane. Our Caravan may not be in the air, but that doesn’t stop skydivers from getting their fix. 🙂



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