Parachute Industry Association goodies

AFFIE standardization meeting and souvenirs

In order to become a skydiving Instructor Examiner, you’ve got to go through all sorts of training. One such item is the AFFIE standardization meeting, which this year was held in Chatanooga TN right after the PIA.

As people gave their introductions it became clear I was the least experienced diver in the room. While some had over 1,500 AFF jumps, I’ve only been on the other end of that training with 7 jumps. Not only was I the least qualified in the room, my experience was overshadowed by some big names in the room including the man without a parachute, Luke Aikins.

It was so cool to hear what everyone had to say about the current situation of training skydiving instructors. There is some debate on how to train instructors to be competent in all of the skills they require while maintaining the safety of the examiners, the hottest issue being the candidate pulling the parachute for the “student.”

It was a great experience. I’m also pretty happy with all the freebies given out during the PIA.




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