AFFIE and Performance Designs

For the last few days it’s been all about AFF instruction. The Tokyo Skydiving Club instructors have been working hard on candidate evaluations and English listening comprehension simultaneously.

Being the youngest of the bunch, I was naturally asked to play the role of the student. I cannot recall the number of times I’ve played this role, but I know it’s enough to pick out the mistakes and make hints at corrections with well-timed winks and the occasional coughing-the correct answer. 

During the course, I managed to pass the C-license test and practice shooting with my new GoPro. Cannot wait to get some more shots when the DZ opens again at the Tokyo Skydiving Club.

Performance Designs

On one of the rainy days, we got out of the classroom fairly early. We went down the street where UPT (Vector) and Performance Designs was for a company tour. Apparently PD makes about 200 canopies a week. Looking at all those new canopies is so dangerous for my wallet. 


Here is what the inside of our fridge looked like on any given day. 


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