Aaand we’re back! (17.03.04~05)

The air-worthiness inspection is done and the Tokyo Skydiving Club is open again for business. I packed my bags and got everything sorted on Friday night… Only to wake up late on Saturday morning. Surprisingly, I managed to make the first load. 15 minutes between arrival and boarding!
I think that may be a local record.

After Florida jump weather, Tokyo is freezing! Still in the negative centigrade territory!
But when has that ever stopped us?

With renewed energy this weekend, new challenges.
This time around was pretty productive with a grand total of 10 jumps. 3 of which I did with a 120 square-foot Performance Designs Katana and my first tandem RW jump.

Down sizing your canopy is exciting and a great learning experience. 15 square-feet is a lot of parachute material to get rid of, making the fall-rate and forward speed much greater. The handling feels so gooooood and carrying the parachute after landing back to the packing area is so easy. Even stuffing the material in the deployment bag was nice.

The best of all? Jumping.



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