300 for a 3-day weekend.

Going into the 3-day weekend, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make my 300th jump. Day one and two together only got me to a grand total of 4 jumps bringing me 6 jumps shy of the mark. By some  divine act on the third and final day, the sky opened up and so did the slots.

First up on the first load at 9. One slot open on the 10, then another on the 11 o’clock.

Before noon I knew I could reach the 3-0-0 at this pace. And that’s when the gears started to turn. Load after load, pack job after pack job, I manifested for the 300th skydive.

Last year around this time was my 100th jump. It’s mind boggling to look back at my log-book and see how my pace has increased. I set my goal for 2017 as hitting 200 jumps in a year, perhaps I’ve set that too low. Let’s see just how far I can go.

In the meantime, all that packing has all my muscles sore.


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