Skydive like your life depends on it

The USPA recently published a report on the number of skydiving related deaths in an issue of the Parachutist. The trend seems to be that more experienced jumpers attempting to do more technically challenging maneuvers are the ones to meet their maker first.

A postpartum report of incidents makes everything seem silly because everything in retrospect seems simple. As skydivers we need to be cool and calm as we absorb the information and understand the gravity surrounding each incident. It gives you perspective.

Never for a moment should we let ourselves believe that we are immune to mishaps or that even the smallest oversight in detail is no big deal. 99 times out of a hundred, that might be true. But how much would life suck if you were that one percent?

If you skydive, skydive like it’s your last.
Skydive like your life depends on it.


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