Mountain Gravity. Exiting the skyvan.

Mountain Gravity Boogie 2017 (Switzerland)

Imagine the Swiss mountains in the distance. Now imagine those peaks rushing up at you as you plummet towards them from above.

Skydiving with the Swiss terrain in the backdrop is like nothing else. You can do that at the Mountain Gravity Boogie located in Ambri, Switzerland. What’s extra special about this place is you can do a “Mountain Swoop,” which is a hop and pop over the peak of a mountain where you need to fly over the trees back to the landing area. The mountains are not always open however, if the winds are strong or the clouds roll in you can’t do a swoop. The grouping is taken into account and the jump is carefully constructed to account for safety of every jumper.

Another reason I was excited to go all the way to the middle of nowhere Switzerland to skydive was the sky-van they prepared for the event. You can stuff about 24 people into this aircraft that opens up from the behind. Normally the doors are on the side of the plane, making exiting with large groups a challenge. In a sky-van, you can charge out and drop out of the plane like bombs.
The skyvan

The jump tickets are a bit more expensive here, but the staff are super chill and will go through lengths to ensure you have a smooth experience.

If you ever have the chance, go to the Mountain Gravity Boogie.

Mountain Gravity 2017 from Rei Yabe on Vimeo.

Mountain Gravity

Mountain Gravity homepage


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