Night Jump (17.09.23)

In lieu of bad weather, the scheduled night skydive date had been bumped back a week. What can you do when a typhoon hits? certainly no sky sports for me. That’s why we  plan for a rainy day. Motivated skydivers will find a way to continue their playtime.

This was my second night skydive. I remember the first one a year prior, I got my B-license in order to be able to jump out at night albeit being a hop-n-pop at that time. Rehearsing our exit order and reviewing priorities for canopy checks and strobe lights for visibility etc.

Then showtime came, we got on the plane.

4,000ft. The pilot does a mock jump run so we can see the landing area. The only problem was the headlights used to light up the landing area where old. I point out a dim light in the abyss and ask

“Hey! is that it??”
“Yup!” …It was an enthusiastic response, but not exactly reassuring.

Go time. Here goes nothing. Jump
Pull the chute. Heart beating. Hands shaking.

That was last year. This year, I expected the same.
But somehow none of it bothered me the same a year prior. It’s weird how once we’ve done something before the next time isn’t so bad. No heart beating out of the chest, no shaking hands. I think many skydivers can relate to this feeling of conquering the first leap.

I suppose that’s how it escalates and the cognitive gap between those that have jumped and those that have not increases. Between those that get it, and those that can’t see why we do it.


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