Resetting the kill-line

About Me

My name is Rei.

I am a member of the Tokyo Skydiving Club (since 2014).

I live and work in Tokyo. It’s a crazy city and work can get hectic,
but I get by knowing that by the weekend I’ll be falling out of the sky once again with my friends at the Tokyo Skydiving Club.

Nothing beats the feeling of free fall at speeds of up to 300km/h.

Main: Sabre 120/ CrossfireII 119
Reserve: Optimum
Container: Vector
Freefly Suit: Skylark
Belly Suit: Thai
Altimeter: Analog+Audible(Quattro)+Digital(VisoII)
Helmet: Cookie G3

As of December 2017:
・USPA C-License
・450+ Skydives

Goals for 2018:
1. AFF-I rating
2. 100 jumps


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