Challenge the norm.

All by chance really, I had run into the opportunity to participate in a marketing campaign for Audi. They are celebrating challenging the images we may have about different things like food or skydiving by combining things we may never associate together. (more…)


Parachute Industry Association in Chattanooga TN

Tokyo→ Minneapolis→ Atlanta→ Chatanooga Tennessee.
The layovers and the drive between Tokyo and here has been brutal.

No I’m not here for the Chattanooga Choo Choo, but I AM waiting for that perfect ACME Instagram moment. I am here with some of the staff of the Tokyo Skydiving Club for the Parachute Industry Association and the Standardization seminars regarding examiners.

So far we’ve visited a few booths and gathered a few giveaways including a year supply of pull-up-chords. Chuting-star gave away some shoe laces, which I am eager to start using. There is a few days left, so maybe this time I’ll fight the jet lag and take some pictures.