Vector Micron V306

New Rig

Finally!! My new parachute rig arrived!!
So far I’ve only flown it a handful of times, but nothing compares to having a custom fit rig on your back.

The material is still all very stiff and obviously fresh off the assembly line (which I visited back in February in DeLand, Florida).
I cannot wait to break it in.

Even more, I am glad it arrived in time for my August trip to the Mountain Gravity Boogie in Switzerland!

more pictures↓


Aaand we’re back! (17.03.04~05)

The air-worthiness inspection is done and the Tokyo Skydiving Club is open again for business. I packed my bags and got everything sorted on Friday night… Only to wake up late on Saturday morning. (more…)

Parachute Industry Association in Chattanooga TN

Tokyo→ Minneapolis→ Atlanta→ Chatanooga Tennessee.
The layovers and the drive between Tokyo and here has been brutal.

No I’m not here for the Chattanooga Choo Choo, but I AM waiting for that perfect ACME Instagram moment. I am here with some of the staff of the Tokyo Skydiving Club for the Parachute Industry Association and the Standardization seminars regarding examiners.

So far we’ve visited a few booths and gathered a few giveaways including a year supply of pull-up-chords. Chuting-star gave away some shoe laces, which I am eager to start using. There is a few days left, so maybe this time I’ll fight the jet lag and take some pictures.