Finding a new balance (17.11.25)

The past year has been my most active for my skydiving career. I’ve exceeded the total number of jumps I did last year in just the first half of this year. I was cast in a web commercial for Audi. In Switzerland, I jumped with the best backdrop out of a plane that looks like a school bus with wings. I started flying with a GoPro to capture the wonderful moments, like jumping with my mom. I even had a cutaway. It seemed like skydiving was going to be everything.


Mountain Gravity. Exiting the skyvan.

Mountain Gravity Boogie 2017 (Switzerland)

Imagine the Swiss mountains in the distance. Now imagine those peaks rushing up at you as you plummet towards them from above.

Skydiving with the Swiss terrain in the backdrop is like nothing else. You can do that at the Mountain Gravity Boogie located in Ambri, Switzerland. (more…)

Vector Micron V306

New Rig

Finally!! My new parachute rig arrived!!
So far I’ve only flown it a handful of times, but nothing compares to having a custom fit rig on your back.

The material is still all very stiff and obviously fresh off the assembly line (which I visited back in February in DeLand, Florida).
I cannot wait to break it in.

Even more, I am glad it arrived in time for my August trip to the Mountain Gravity Boogie in Switzerland!

more pictures↓

300 for a 3-day weekend.

Going into the 3-day weekend, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make my 300th jump. Day one and two together only got me to a grand total of 4 jumps bringing me 6 jumps shy of the mark. By some  divine act on the third and final day, the sky opened up and so did the slots.

First up on the first load at 9. One slot open on the 10, then another on the 11 o’clock.