tandem skydive

Aaand we’re back! (17.03.04~05)

The air-worthiness inspection is done and the Tokyo Skydiving Club is open again for business. I packed my bags and got everything sorted on Friday night… Only to wake up late on Saturday morning. (more…)

Just Do It!

Jumping at Tokyo Skydiving Club

One of the facts that makes the Tokyo Skydiving Club a good place to skydive is that it is a fun-jumper friendly drop zone.

Now, it’s by no means the best drop zone in the world. That said, many skydiving operations do not have the best interests of fun-jumpers in mind and are often called “tandem factories.”That we are not.

Our manager is a skydiver first and business person next. He was a member of the Japanese formation skydiving team and competed in international events. He makes sure that us fun jumpers have a great time jumping all the while balancing a tandem skydiving experience.

Generally things in Japan are more expensive than they are in America or Europe. Our club does a good job of keeping jump costs down. The breakdown of a jump ticket pays for staff, the pilot, the plane and maintenance, the runway, the …. blah blah… everything.

Tandem ¥32,000
Single Jump(licensed jumpers) ¥5,000
30 tickets ¥90,000(¥3,000/jump)

Just because you are a licensed skydiver, that doesn’t mean you can just show up and jump right-away. There’s a mandatory background check that is conducted by a government body. It’s nothing more than a formality, unfortunately it takes a week to complete and I believe you are required to submit some form of ID. So before just showing up, be sure to contact the club and let them know what’s up.